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Allergy Cooking with Ease, Pandemic Preparedness (3rd) Edition is a classic all-purpose allergy cookbook for people of all ages with moderate multiple food allergies. This book was the outgrowth of having a child with food allergies, so the many of recipes are geared towards the young and young at heart.

It contains over 300 recipes and recipe variations, thus allowing for the use of a variety of grains in the baking recipes. It includes recipes for baked goods, main dishes, soups, salads, vegetables, ethnic dishes, and desserts (mostly fruit-sweetened, but a few sugar-sweetened) of all kinds. It features "kid" recipes such as a recipe for four varieties of teething biscuits. The "Cookies" chapter contains over 45 varieties of cookies including grain-free or grain-containing cookies that are a lot like Oreos.TM Although several grain varieties are given for most of the baking recipes to give options for a rotation diet, this book is not all business. It contains many "fun" recipes as well. If you want to make your allergy diet a little more light-hearted, this is the book for you! Includes an extensive "Sources" section. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 273 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches


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The Ultimate Food Allergy Cookbook and Survival Guide: How to Cook with Ease for Food Allergies and Recover Good Health gives you everything you need to survive and recover from food allergies. It contains medical information about the diagnosis of food allergies, health problems that can be caused by food allergies, and your options for treatment.

The book includes a rotation diet that is free from common food allergens such as wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy, yeast, beef, legumes, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, and more. Instructions are given on how to personalize the standard rotation diet to meet your individual needs and fit your food preferences. It contains 500 recipes that can be used with (or independently of) the diet. None of the recipes contain sugar. Extensive reference sections include a listing of commercially prepared foods for allergy diets and sources for special foods, services, and products. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 318 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches


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In Healing Basics you will discover how to prevent cancer or its recurrence, achieve ideal weight without hunger, and build the foundation of true health. This book explores why Americans' health has deteriorated drastically and takes us back to basics of diet and lifestyle to prevent further decline and improve current health problems. It also presents well documented information to help you decide on medical treatment wisely and explore natural strategies to use along with conventional treatment or alone.

The book contains 157 recipes, 95% of which can be eaten by those who must avoid gluten or food allergens, but which will be enjoyed by everyone. Also included is information on how to deal with food preparation when strength and time are lacking. The 24-page "Sources" section will help you find prepared foods that fit your diet and also includes sources of special foods, products, services and information. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 296 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches




In times of economic downturn, how can you afford to stay on your food allergy or gluten-free diet? Allergy and Celiac Diets With Ease provides solutions to both the economic and time challenges you deal with on your diet. It shows how to shop economically, cook without spending all day in the kitchen, stock your kitchen for efficiency and good health, have good times with friends and family without breaking the bank, get organized, and be able to do this in limited time

This book contains over 160 money-saving, quick and easy recipes for allergy and celiac diets. Over 140 of them are gluten-free. It includes extensive reference sections including “Sources” and “Special Diet Resources” sections to help you find the foods you need. A list of helpful books and websites (even an online celiac/special diet restaurant search database) is also included. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 238 pages, 6 3/4 by 9 3/4 inches


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Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Weight LossFood Allergy and Gluten-Free Weight Loss:
Discover how to lose weight by working with your body instead of against it. This book explains the facts behind whether our bodies burn or store fat and tells how to put your body in the “burn” mode as well as to reduce inflammation. Contains 175 recipes that fit your food allergy or gluten-free diet. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 302 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches




I Love DessertsWith I Love Dessert but NOT Sugar, Wheat, Milk, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Unhealthy Fat… you will rediscover the enjoyment of the simple pleasure of your favorite desserts. This book contains more than 300 easily-made recipes for almost any dessert you might want, all free of sugar, wheat, corn, soy, and unhealthy fats. Most of them are gluten-free and feature a wide variety of gluten-free grains and grain alternatives. Enjoy simple fruit desserts, pudding, cobblers, crisps, pies, cakes, ice cream (even dairy-free!), sweet breads and rolls, cookies and confections on your special diet. For a complete list of the recipes in this book, click here. With the time-saving tricks and tips in this book, you will be out of the kitchen and enjoying delicious fun in a flash! For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 262 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches



If you are on a gluten-free diet and are tired of or allergic to rice, Gluten-Free Without Rice is the book for you. It introduces other delicious gluten-free grains such as sorghum (milo), teff, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, tapioca, arrowroot and more. It will help you cook easily – and save time doing it – while staying on your diet consistently and improving your health. This book contains over 75 recipes for muffins, crackers, bread, pancakes, waffles, granola, main and side dishes, cookies and desserts, time-saving tips on how to cook for and cope with your diet, references, and a listing of sources of special foods and products for those on gluten-free diets.

Size: 98 pages, 6 1/2 by 9 1/4 inches


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Easy Breadmaking for Special Diets contains over 225 recipes for allergy, heart healthy, low fat, low sodium, yeast-free, diabetic, celiac, controlled carbohydrate, weight loss, and low calorie diets. It includes recipes for breads of all kinds, bread and tortilla based main dishes, and desserts. The allergy recipes are made with a wide variety of grains such as spelt, rice, rye, kamut, amaranth, barley, buckwheat, oat, and quinoa and include yeast breads, non-yeast breads, and tortillas (which are also yeast-free) as well as wheat, milk, egg, corn, soy, and yeast-free main dishes, snacks, and desserts. None of the recipes requires sugar, although it is given as an optional ingredient (along with a fruit sweetener alternative) in a few of the dessert recipes.

The book tells you what features to look for when you buy a bread machine and how to choose the machine that best meets your needs. If you are struggling to find enough time to make special bread, this book can be a lifesaver. Use your bread machine, food processor, mixer, or electric tortilla maker to make the bread YOU need quickly and easily. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 230 pages, 7 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches


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Easy Cooking for Special Diets: How to Cook for Weight Loss/Blood Sugar Control, Food Allergy, Heart Healthy, Diabetic and “Just Healthy” Diets – Even if You’ve Never Cooked Before. Are you overwhelmed by the idea of cooking things from scratch? Do you feel like you can’t cook? Or that it takes too much time to cook?

This book contains everything you need to know to cook for yourself and stay on your diet. It features 265 recipes for all kinds of foods complete with nutritional analyses and diabetic exchanges. Wheat, milk, egg, corn, soy, and yeast free recipes are included. (There are also wheat-containing recipes in this book for people on non-allergy special diets). None of the recipes contain sugar. The allergy recipes make foods so “normal” that family members and guests will not realize they’re not eating wheat. These recipes are suitable for daily use by the moderately allergic and occasional/rotated use by people with more severe food allergies who must rotate their foods.

The book also includes basics such as how to grocery shop, equip your kitchen, handle food safely, time management, information on nutrition, and sources of special foods. Makes a great graduation or wedding gift, or give it teens, college students on their own for the first time, or anyone who needs to cook more healthily! For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 350 pages, 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 by inches


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The Low Dose Immunotherapy Handbook: Recipes and Lifestyle Tips for Patients on LDA and EPD Treatment gives 80 recipes for patients on low dose immunotherapy treatment for their food allergies. The recipes include 36 for the shot-time or EPD diet made only with the foods allowed during the critical period, 8 recipes for “eating exotic” around your shots, and 36 recipes for the very mixed diet. It also includes organizational information and a sample “to do list” to help you get ready for your shots.

This book replaces The EPD Patient’s Cooking and Lifestyle Guide and includes everything that was in that book plus additional information specific to LDA. For more information about the book (including a look inside), click here.

Size: 52 pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches

Price: $9.95

eBook – Price: $6.99

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