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Easy Bread Making for Special Diets

Easy Cooking for Special Diets

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Foods mentioned on this website:
(For more information about alternative foods and many more company websites, see the “Using Commercially Prepared Foods” chapter and company listing in The Ultimate Food Allergy Cookbook and Survival Guide).

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Tortillas and bread:
Rudi’s Organic Bakery –

Yogurt (live culture, alternative milk):

Goat yogurt:

Redwood Hill Farm –

Sheep yogurt:

Hollow Road Farms –

Health Professionals

Physicians (M.D., D.O):

American Academy of Environmental Medicine –

Physicians who administer LDA –

Nutritional Consultant who helps with food allergy, gluten-free, and rotation diets, Certified LEAP Food Sensitivity Specialist:

Diagnostic laboratories:

Blood tests for food allergies:

Optimal Health Resource Laboratories –
(This test can be self-ordered and self-administered).

Immuno Laboratories –

Saliva tests for antibodies to parasites, etc.:

DiagnosTechs –

Stool tests:

Genova Diagnostics –
(This lab was formerly named Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory and still does the CDSA stool test).

Parasitology Center, Inc. -

Supplements (including Culturelle™), Nutribiotic™ for disinfecting produce, and other supplies for people with allergies:

N.E.E.D.S. –

Professional Supplement Center – Allergy Research Group cassava-source unbuffered vitamin C –

Websites for More Information: (for more about LDA)

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