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This is what my primary care physician said when I reported that I had been diagnosed with food allergies to about eight or ten basic foods almost 30 years ago. It is the reaction of many family members, friends, and conventional medical professionals to food allergies.

They refuse to acknowledge that food allergies are real because they can’t deal with them. People with multiple food allergies may also want to react in the same way. They wishfully think, “Ignore the allergies and they might go away.” It’s hard to wrap your mind around the idea of being unable to eat what seems like all food.

However, food allergies (intolerance, sensitivities; click here for more on the semantics of the problem) are very real and usually get worse if left untreated rather than going away. The list of foods one cannot eat tends to grow over time. Continual reactions make it impossible for the sufferer to ignore the problem. The person with multiple food allergies is often left helplessly floundering, trying to solve the problem on his or her own. Because others try to cope with the problem by pretending it doesn’t exist, there is little sympathy. But you are not alone! There are answers, not easy “pop a pill” answers, but answers nonetheless. This website will give you information that can help you.

There is hope and help for people with multiple food allergies. Your list of problem foods is probably not all food, and there are other foods to eat instead in order to keep from starving while you get to the root of your problems. (See “The Problem” menu item at the top of page). There are treatments that actually work, although the ones that work the best involve work that you will need to do. The first step is accurate diagnosis, which involves getting to a doctor who “believes in” food allergies and will not side-step your problems. The most mundane part of the situation, cooking for your allergies, can seem daunting but is also surmountable.

The alternative to solving your food allergy problem may seem like – or may even be – starvation. YOU are the person who must help yourself or your allergic family member.

Enter this website and the resources it will point you to, learn, survive, and live.



There is a close relationship between food allergies, inflammation, and overweight. For more about this, see the author’s Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Weight Loss website.




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